Creative and Innovative Thinking Workshop

Are you as creative and innovative as you want to be? How valuable would it be to fully develop your ability to generate more powerful ideas and inventive solutions?

There is something wonderful and nearly magical about our ability to think creatively and act adaptively. Even purely pragmatically most people realize that the best way to become irrelevant fast in the modern business world is to neglect this skillset: those who don’t fully develop their ability to generate creative solutions and valuable ideas will be less valued than who do.

On the other hand, if there is such a thing as unfair competitive advantage in business and life then it’s probably based on our ability to come up with more ingenious solutions and new ideas.  This understanding has already become well-established. For example, a 2010 IBM survey of 1,500 corporate CEOs around the world found that creative thinking is now the most valued leadership quality, valued even higher than integrity, influence, or dedication.

Even though creative and innovative thinking is the supremely praised skill, most people neglect it because it is also considered one of the most difficult skills to hone. One reason why most people don’t fully develop these skills is that various triggers and environmental factors that enhance creative ideation often just seem too unpredictable and even haphazard.

Fortunately, most of us can substantially enhance those skills and it is often easier than many people imagine though it does require some effort. Our workshops bring together the most potent strategies and tools that can reliably enhance this powerful ability.

Our workshops normally last half a day to a full day and the program is loaded with practical techniques. You can read more about the program here.

Almost all principles covered in our workshops will prove invaluable to anyone who needs to increase their ability to deal with challenges that require maximum resourcefulness and innovative thinking.

Typically, however, our workshops are most in demand by tech executives and product developers, entrepreneurs, business executives, investment managers or other high-level decision-makers, and the usual creative suspects such as copywriters and marketing strategists.