Adaptiveness & Flexible Decision-Making Workshop

In today’s world those who lack the fundamental ability to think flexibly, capture new opportunities, and adapt fast will be easily pushed out by those who will develop this ability to the fullest. At best, people and organizations without this ability will be confined to mediocrity. It is therefore difficult to overstate the importance of adaptiveness and flexible decision-making.

Our workshop brings together the most powerful behavioral strategies and mind hacks which effectively improve people’s ability to act adaptively, make flexible decisions, become more resilient in the face of uncertainty and pressure, react fast to changing circumstances, view old problems from different angles, and spot and exploit invaluable new opportunities all the while retaining focus on the most important things.

Target Audience
While this workshop will prove invaluable to anyone who wants to become more adaptive, it is extremely useful to entrepreneurs, business executives, investment managers, and other high-level decision-makers .

Program Overview
Our program revolves around four essential elements of adaptiveness and mental flexibility. They enable people to achieve their goals in a constantly changing, distracting, and unpredictable environment, while having only imperfect information, using limited means, insufficient time, and experiencing overabundant pressure. With this skillset, people are much more likely to feel on top knowing that they can tackle any problem that life throws at them.

  • Basic Behavioral Strategies and Tools for Adaptive Thinking: Effective adaptive thinking requires a balance between being flexible enough to adapt to changing environment and being able to retain the focus on the most important things. With such ability we are able to move fast towards most valuable goals while everyone else seems distracted by noise or stuck in trivia.  We crystallized the most powerful behavioral techniques which boost cognitive flexibility while also enhancing ability to focus and resist distractions.
  • Flexible Decision-Making and Problem Solving: When faced with tremendous complexity prevalent in today’s high-stakes decisions, we often feel paralyzed, not knowing where to start and how to proceed. Our approach is focused on simple, fundamental, versatile techniques that help to deal with complexity, minimize most damaging cognitive biases, better tolerate uncertainty and generally enhance our flexible decision-making and problem solving.
  • Resilience Under Pressure: Pressure often derails our decisions and makes our thinking rigid. Even without strong pressure, we poorly function when we have to act under uncertainty and make choices when their consequences cannot be fully predicted, and strong pressure cripples it even more. So it is crucial for people to learn most effective techniques that minimize the damaging effects of pressure.
  • Adaptive Learning and Skill Development: We often fail to anticipate important developments and exploit invaluable new opportunities because we don’t learn fast enough to keep in pace with the changing environment. So one of the most invaluable things we can help people learn is how to maximize their ability to absorb new information fast, develop new skills, and learn quickly from one’s mistakes.