About Ideation Wiz

Ideation Wiz is a boutique training firm. Our primary focus is on helping entrepreneurs, business leaders, and all sorts of creative professionals to learn powerful behavioral strategies and psychological techniques that maximize their two fundamental abilities:

  • Creative idea generation and innovative thinking;
  • Adaptiveness and agile decision-making.

We have synthesized a blend of behavioral techniques that help people more easily develop solid skills which they can use in a variety of situations.

While our strategies are focused on raw effectiveness and the ease of use, they are also grounded in solid research. Our core methodology has been developed over many years and it draws heavily on various cognitive sciences, including behavioral decision making, creativity research, cognitive psychology, social cognition, neuroscience, behavioral economics, and others.  Unfortunately, many of these ideas still remain relatively unknown outside of behavioral sciences.

Since we are focused on delivering high-quality training services, we no longer do any substantial consulting work.

We work primarily in the United States and the UK.

About Will Tumonis

Will TumonisWill Tumonis is the founder of Ideation Wiz. He specializes in teaching fundamental skills of adaptive decision-making and creative idea generation.

As a decision-making consultant he previously worked on a variety of issues in both private and public sector and his core specialty was the application of behavioral decision making insights to corporate non-market strategy and political risk, strategic public influence, complex high-stakes negotiations, persuasive positioning of innovative ideas and marketing strategy, and other areas.

Prior to his consulting career, he was an academic researcher working on interdisciplinary aspects of decision making. He is a graduate of Temple University, where he was a Fulbright scholar.